Zoysia Grass Vs Bermuda: Which is Better?

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A beautiful, lush lawn gives your kids and pets a perfect outdoor space to run, relax, and play yard games. Bermuda and Zoysia have been top picks in the United States for home lawns, sporting fields, and parks. These warm-season grasses have long been popular due to their durability. But which of the two grasses best suits your yard? This comes down to your specific needs and personal preferences. Let’s discuss Zoysia grass vs Bermuda to help you make an informed decision.

Overall, Bermuda and Zoysia have much in common, and deciding which is better depends on your preferences and needs. Both thrive in warm climates and require one inch of water weekly for optimal growth. However, Bermuda is more resistant to heavy foot traffic, wear and tear, and grows more quickly than Zoysia. On the other hand, Zoysia is best for lawns with shade, low maintenance requirements, and ones experiencing high temperatures.

Zoysia Vs Bermuda Grass: Which is Better for Your Lawn?

Zoysia Grass Vs Bermuda

Bermuda vs Zoysia grass: Who wins the battle for your yard? To answer this question, I’ve compiled a list of six factors to help you choose the best grass for your lawn. Read on;

1. Durability

Bermuda grass is more durable than Zoysia, and that’s why it’s widely used in parks, sports fields, and golf courses. The grass can withstand heavy foot traffic and recover quickly from injuries.

2. Growth rate

If you’re looking for turf with a high growth rate, go for Bermuda grass. It grows faster than Zoysia and establishes a lush, dense, green lawn within a few days after planting. Zoysia establishes slowly, taking several months to grow.

3. Shade tolerance

If large shrubs and trees surround your property, St Augustine and Zoysia are the unbeatable grasses in the shade tolerance battle. The Zoysia cultivars like Geo and Innovation are highly shade tolerant and will perform much better in the shade than Bermuda.

4. Wear tolerance

Although Zoysia grass is high with wear tolerance, Bermuda ranks higher in injury recovery and wear tolerance. This is due to Bermuda’s deep root system that grows up to 6 feet deep.

5. Drought tolerance

Zoysia is the best choice for homeowners residing in regions that experience high temperatures for prolonged periods. This grass is highly drought-tolerant and can survive in scorching, dry climates, unlike Bermuda.

6. Maintenance

Zoysia grass has a lower maintenance requirement compared to Bermuda. This makes the turf and its cultivars an excellent choice for gardeners and homeowners who want minimal lawn care duties. However, Zoysia is more prone to thatch buildup than Bermuda and requires regular dethatching.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will Zoysia overtake Bermuda?

A: Zoysia grass is invasive and can invade Bermuda. Therefore, if you reside in an area experiencing hot and dry summers, Zoysia will grow rampantly and overtake the dormant Bermuda lawn.

Q: Is Zoysia more expensive than Bermuda?

A: Zoysia grass is much more costly than Bermuda. The main reason is that Zoysia cultivars are only available in plug or sod form, which are pricey than grass seeds. On the other hand, Bermuda grass is readily available in seeds.

Bottom Line

Bermuda grass vs Zoysia: how do you choose the best for your lawn?

When it comes down to Bermuda grass vs Zoysia grass, the decision on which is better depends on your preferences and needs.

If you need quick-growing, durable, and high-wear-tolerance grass, Bermuda is the best choice. However, Zoysia will be an excellent pick if you reside in areas experiencing prolonged hot and dry summers.

The grass is extremely drought tolerant and requires low maintenance than Bermuda.

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