Why is Grass Seed So Expensive? 5 Undisputable Reasons

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A perfect home looks complete with a luscious and well-maintained lawn. But unfortunately, you might’ve noticed a significant grass seed price increase 2023. These inflating prices make reseeding, overseeding, and maintaining a healthy, greener lawn hard. Remember, only some homeowners are fortunate enough to have naturally growing turf. So, others must purchase grass seeds to achieve the luscious lawn they’ve always desired. In this article, I’ll explain why grass seed is so expensive.

Grass seed is so expensive because of the high production cost contributed by the varying amounts of space, labor, and machinery required. Also, sometimes there is a grass seed supply shortage, making seed producers hike the prices. Furthermore, the types of grass seeds, inflation, and drought or topsoil issues impact this turf cost.

5 Reasons Why Grass Seed is So Expensive

Why is Grass seed so expensive

If you are wondering why grass seed is so expensive, here are the main reasons that explain the surge in grass seed prices in recent years:

1. Production costs

For grass seed to grow properly, it requires attention and care since it’s a delicate crop. Its production requires large land and a significant amount of labor. Besides, to attain a healthy crop, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides must be used. All these contribute to the high costs of grass seeds.

2. Grass seed supply shortage

Grass seed shortage 2023 is another factor that has led to a sudden hike in this crop’s price. Due to this scarcity, producers increase the grass seed prices to maintain their margins.

3. Types of grass seeds

There are different types of grass with varied characteristics and uses. Some like Zoysia and Bermuda do well in warm temperatures, while others thrive in the cold, directly impacting their prices. Also, more durable, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain grasses will cost more than other turf types.

4. Drought

During drought, seeding companies spend a lot trying to produce sufficient grass seeds to meet the client’s demand. They use more water, expensive machinery, and other utilities that affect the cost of grass seeds.

5. Inflation

Recent inflation has undoubtedly made grass seeds more expensive. This inflation has affected water, fertilizer, labor, gasoline, electricity, land taxes, and shipping costs. As a result, there will be a high grass seed price increase in 2023.

How Much Grass Seed Per Acre?

Why is Grass Seed So Expensive

As lawn experts, we often base grass seed calculations on square footage for small lawns. We calculate the pounds of seeds needed per hectare or acre for large properties like golf courses and parks. It’s crucial to know how to do these calculations to know how much grass seeds to buy and the estimated costs.

To know the pounds of grass seeds you need per acre, do these quick and simple calculations;

Each acre has 43,560 square feet. Divide 43,560 by 1,000 to get 43.56, which is the area in square feet. If you want to reseed your one acre at 3 pounds per 1,000, multiply 43.56 by 3. This will give you 131 (130.68), which is the pounds of grass seeds you’ll require for your lawn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does it cost to reseed a lawn?

A: The national average cost to reseed lawns is $1,100 per acre or between $90 and $180 per 1,000 square feet of yard. Depending on the lawn size, reseeding a new property costs homeowners and gardeners between $700 and $1800. However, reseeding small lawns may cost about $100, whereas huge properties cost around $8,300. 

Q: How much does a new lawn cost?

A: The national average cost of a new lawn is $2,001. So, homeowners pay between $1,057 and $2,946 depending on the type of grass seeds and the size and shape of the lawn. Other factors that affect this cost are the installation method, yard condition, geographic location, labor, and preparation work.

Wrapping Up

Not all homeowners are fortunate enough to have naturally growing turf in their lawns. Therefore, you must buy grass seeds whether you want to reseed a new yard or overseed existing lawn. Unfortunately, there will be a significant grass seed price increase in 2023.

Grass seed is so expensive because of high production costs, drought, and inflation. Other factors are pricey grass types and supply shortages.

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