Artificial Grass and Pavers Ideas

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DO YOU live in an area where try as you may, natural grass cannot thrive, maybe because of intense shade or extremely high temperatures? Don’t worry. Artificial grass will come in handy. Therefore, I have researched and developed artificial grass and pavers ideas that you would appreciate. 

In this blog post, I will discuss backyard landscape design with artificial grass, artificial grass between pavers, backyard artificial grass and pavers, and turf with pavers, among other artificial grass between pavers ideas.

5 Artificial Grass and Pavers Ideas

Although there could be as many as two dozen pavers and turf ideas, these five are the most common that you can find in your neighborhood. Besides, they are easy to implement, take a little time, and you do not have to break the bank to install turf with pavers.

1. The Infamous Garden Path

Artificial Grass and Pavers Ideas

You don’t have to step on bare sand, soil or burnt grass on your way to the garden. With this artificial grass and pavers idea, you can install a small path in your garden. One of the best things about installing a garden path is that it doesn’t carry any mud. 

2. Pet Paradise (PP)

If you have dogs, consider installing a pet paradise – a small area for your dogs to play from. Installing the PP during winter is especially crucial and loving because artificial grass will offer your dogs the warmth they need.

When installing, choose a conducive area within your yard where your dogs can feel comfortable and free to recline even when you are not around to give directions. The dogs should be able to find their paradise without your guidance. 

Dogs love to play in the open (on natural grass), but not when it is raining or wet grass. And when the dogs get together to lie down during the cold or when it is raining, they can change their rest into playful moments from the pet paradise.

3. Use Pavers with Artificial Grass on Your Terraces

One of the most common artificial grass front yard ideas is a terrace mounted with turf with pavers. Whether in the front yard, the corridors, or the sideways of your backyard, you can install pavers with artificial grass. 

When installing pavers with turf for the terrace, choose a bright or dull color depending on the position of the terrace and your color preference. Bright colors blend well for terraces overlooking the front yard and the balcony, while dull colors can work for the backyard. 

As you may beware, red or royal purple will do well at the main door’s entrance and the stairs. You can use green in other areas, including terraces inside the house, the hallway, the kitchen patio, and the backyard sitting area.

4. Outdoor Dining Area

Artificial Grass and Pavers Ideas

It will only be justice to talk about artificial grass and pavers ideas or the artificial grass front yard ideas with the mention of an outdoor dining area. It doesn’t matter where you want your outdoor dining area to be. However, many would prefer the backyard. 

But even if you decide to set your outdoor dining area in the front yard or under the shade, the choice of color for your pavers and turf matters a lot. The chairs and table you put in the outdoor dining area should blend well with the color of the artificial grass between pavers. 

Besides, before you set up your outdoor dining area, prepare the ground well by leveling it and putting in the right pavers. After the installation, you can decorate the dining area as you deem fit. 

5. Pavers with Artificial Grass Around the Swimming Pool

Artificial Grass and Pavers Ideas

Your swimming pool is one of the best assets in your yard. It offers relief from soaring temperatures during the summer. The pool remains dormant during winter, but that doesn’t mean you neglect it completely. 

You can decorate it using backyard landscape design with artificial grass or backyard artificial grass and pavers. For best practice, lay artificial turf with pavers a few feet from the pond’s edge. That way, the pavers’ decoration will look natural. 

Besides, not installing grass at the end of the edge allows the swimmers to drain themselves when swimming. You can also use the pavers with turf by creating different strategic entry points to the swimming pool. 

Artificial Grass and Pavers Ideas FAQs

Q: Can you put fake grass between pavers?

A: Yes, you can. Combining artificial grass and pavers can make your yard beautiful, neater, and more organized.

Q: Is paver base good for artificial grass?

A: Yes, you can use a paver base when installing artificial grass without any problem. 

Q: What is the best grass between pavers?

A: Rupturewort (Herniaria glabra) is the best grass between pavers. The grass is tolerant of high traffic. 

Artificial Grass and Pavers Ideas

Q: What material do you put between pavers?

A: Polymeric Sand is the ideal material to put between pavers. The material comes with special additives designed to hold brick and concrete pavers together.  

Final Thoughts

You do not have to rely on natural grass to beautify your yard. With these artificial grass and pavers ideas, you can still make your yard as sightly as natural grass. The good thing with fake turf, you can come up with stunning artificial grass front yard ideas, artificial grass backyard ideas, or even beautiful terracing ideas within your compound.

So, what is holding you from installing any of these artificial grass and pavers ideas?

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